Blog Tour: Witch Hunt – Of The Blood

WHotbSmallWEBThis week I’m hosting the co-authors of Witch Hunt – Of The Blood. This is a collection of tales centered around a particular family of witches throughout their collective history. It is spin-off from Devin O’Branagan’s novel entitled Witch Hunt, however; I am happy to note that the collection does also stand well on its own.

Witch Hunt: Of the Blood is available in both print and eBook formats and may be found at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. (Smashwords provides copies compatible with almost all types of eReaders including Sony, Apple, Kobo, etc.) It is also available internationally via Amazon worldwide!

The stories by these five very different authors surprisingly managed to form a cohesive unit. Each different from the other, but not jarring in the least. Nearly all had me laughing or crying or both at times.

Ladies, I thank you for stopping by my blog today! I’m letting you all off with merely two simple questions:

1. Which witch, in TV or history, do you think most accurately represents your personality?2. If you died and came back as a companion cat what color and why?

Suzanne Campbell Hayes:

1. Without any doubt: Endora! Played by Agnes Moorehead. She was Samantha’s mother on Bewitched. Sassy, devious, powerful, and she liked to tweak that dweeb, Darren. Besides she was stylin! Don’t you think?

2. Calico—solids are boring, stripes not slimming enough. Bold orange, black and white splotches are the thing that says. “Camouflage is for sissies.” 

K.L. Schewngel:

1. That first question is a toughie. I’d have to go with Gillian Owens from Practical Magic because she was a bit of a fiery gal, yet strong. (Although, I hate to say it, I almost picked the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz only because she had those totally awesome flying monkeys. I *loved* those monkeys.)

2. I would come back as a Russian Blue. I love their silvery-grey color, like mist, or the fog between worlds.

Krista Walsh:

1. I’d say Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Good, dedicated, but with the potential to lose myself to the dark side.

2. Fantastic question, Tammy! Totally cliché, but black. Easy to overlook and therefore sneaky, with an innate elegance. I also say that, because my own familiar would be very upset with me if I said any other colour. 

Keri Lake:

1. Hmmmm. This is a tough one for me. I actually hadn’t read or written much about witches prior to this anthology. But I liked the movie Witches of Eastwick and I think I’d probably be most aligned with Cher’s character. Haha!

2. I’d like to come back as a black cat – no one messes with a black cat. 

Devin O’Branagan:

1. Piper Halliwell of Charmed fame. She had chutzpa, boundless courage, and she didn’t take guff from anyone. I liked her style. 

2. An orange tabby with amber eyes in honor of Isis, the sweetest cat I ever had.

My responses?   I’m most fond of  Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter. She always had bold hair, bold temper, and an affinity for trouble. Nothing like me at all… eh hem. As for cat color, hmm well I’ve often thought that being a Tuxedo cat would be lovely, much like my Chester cat was, but I’m far too clutzy to carry off such a regal casting…so I’d settle for white. White cats look so soft and cuddly,  until you try to pet them. 😉

Thank-you to all who’ve taken the time to stop by today, I am most grateful.

I will note that two of the stories in this anthology are bridges to the upcoming sequel, Witch Hunt: Resistance, which will be released in 2013. I highly recommend you check each of the authors out via the links I’ve attached to each of their names. You won’t be disappointed you did. I’d also like to note that Sue Campbell did the amazing cover art for Witch Hunt – Of the Blood. 🙂

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8 Responses to Blog Tour: Witch Hunt – Of The Blood

  1. Thanks so much for hosting us on our tour, Tammy! Your questions were great. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tammy. Fun questions!

  3. kathils says:

    Thanks for spending time with us, Tammy. I’m glad our stories touched you.

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