Oh Go On

Okay so this week brought up an interesting dilemma that I haven’t come across before and made me wonder how you all cope with it. The dilemma? Attention.

In as much as I tweet, blog, write and post stories I’ve written, all of that has been online. I hadn’t realised how much I valued this lack of ‘personal’ interaction until I had a telephone interview with a local reporter recently. Turns out I’m much more articulate in print than in person. Typing something means I have plenty of time to edit my thoughts, but talking . . . not so much. 😉

For example, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting local author Kelley Armstrong several times now and have yet to manage to say anything remotely articulate to her. Thankfully she is far too kind and generous to ever point that out to me.

As writers the more we are published the more attention our work receives. This is the goal, yes? However at the same time this can put us into a situation we might find ourselves unprepared for. I’ve spent all my spare time learning to write and writing that I never gave any thought as to how I’d respond to being put on the spot in regards to my work. Turns out it was a real eye-opener for me! I can talk about other people’s work until the cows come home, but talk about my own work? Pfft!

So help a newbie out folks, what types of things do you do to prepare/help you get through things like live interviews, panels, etc? Have you taken any courses etc?

If you find yourself bored you can click this link to hear me babbling in person at a podcast on Following The Nerd Radio; http://www.followingthenerd.com/podcast/its-episode-31-of-our-podcast-world-domination-the-same-old-dream-our-asylums-are-full-of-people-who-think-theyre-napoleon-or-god/  (interview at 00:45 min – 00:62 min)

My latest news: My puppy Max made his ‘writing’ debut at Tails Pet Magazine. 🙂 http://www.tailsinc.com/2012/11/devins-tails-guest-post-puppy-max/

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2 Responses to Oh Go On

  1. Anne Michaud says:

    Booze, Tammy. That’s what I do when people dare ask me for ‘vocal’ interviews. *shivers*

  2. CDNWMN says:

    Haha!!! Nice Anne, I’ll keep that one in mind. Though I think it might only make me even worse. lol!

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