Under The Attic (Co-Written by George Crosby)

To kill some time on a recent journey I asked my son to write a story with me, the ideas are his, though as we submitted it for a short story challenge it had to be under 1000 words, so I had to condense his three epic dragon battles into one dragon with three heads. 😉 Enjoy!

Under The Attic
One could only just make out the top of George’s sandy brown hair as he rummaged around inside his grandfather’s old tickle trunk. Odd name for a beat up box if you asked George but he put that thought aside and ran his little fingers along the floor and the walls of it.

“There just has to be something hidden in here,” he muttered to himself. The contents of the box lay strewn about the attic in various piles of disarray.

“You’re going to get us in trouble for making such a mess you know.” said his friend Kyle. He paused from his examination of a rather intricate spider web to stare at the large mess with an expression of pending doom.

“I’ve found something!” shouted George, and Kyle ran over to see him pulling something out of the box liner. It was a tiny tube of some sort. “It’s a scroll!” said George excitedly. He pulled it apart and spread it open for them to read.

“Fair warning to those who read this rhyme, if ye say the verse twice ye will be transported through time.”

The boys looked at each other, grinned, and said, “Take me where I need to go, take me to the world below! Take me where I need to go, take me to the world below!”

A large jolt of energy shot through them and they opened their eyes to find themselves standing in a misty forest. They looked at each other and giggled.

“Hey you’re dressed like a knight!” said George.

“So are you!” said Kyle.

A sudden blast of hot steamy mist rose up and enveloped them. When it cleared they stood motionless and speechless for before them was a nostril of a very large red and gold dragon.

“That wasn’t just steam! Gross!” said Kyle wiping at the filmy snot coating on his tunic.

“Look!” said George pointing farther up. Very large slitted yellow eyes stared back at them. All six of them.

“What have you come for?” asked the Dragon balefully as it raised its other two heads, “Wait, don’t tell me. You want our elements. It’s always the same these days. Well it just so happens we have a cold. Just take these tokens we offer and leave us to rot in peace.”

The left head spat at them and something rolled near their feet. It was a tiny glowing ember. Kyle picked it up in wonder in his thickly gloved hand. The center head spat at them and George was rather proud he managed not to flinch this time. A glowing little rain drop came to land on his open palm. It just floated there and he poked it with a finger. It flexed but didn’t pop. The third head sneezed. The boys ducked behind their shields only to realize it was snow, not snot that was raining down around them.

George laid his shield down on the ground and used it like a bowl; He put the rain drop inside. Kyle added his ember and a large crystalline snowflake fell down and landed in there too. They all merged together and swirled with such force that it was like a mini electrical storm, faster and faster they spun and sparked until finally George yelled out “It’s gonna blow!” and they ran behind a fallen log for cover.

All was quiet. No explosion. Curious, they peeked out. The shield now only held a small. They walked over and picked it up. Nothing very fancy about it, it looked like any other boring old stone they’d seen.

“What are we supposed to do with this?” George asked the dragons. The left one sneezed dousing them with little sparks of flame and ash. George patted down the parts of him that were smoking.

The heads rolled their eyes, “You make a wish dummy. It grants two per month. Newbies are so wearisome.” It let all it heads lay back on the ground to rest. The middle head sneezed. It forced the boys to duck behind their shields as cold rain pelted at them. Only it wasn’t really rain, was it?

“GROSS!” shouted Kyle in disgust. “Well, I for one wish this dragon would stop snotting on us!” The boys looked at each other. A strong warm breeze blew into the forest just then and the three dragon heads took in a long deep breath of it before sighing it back out in a very long, very snot free, gush of air.

“The boy cured us!” they licked happily at Kyle with their ugly forked tongues.

“Oh for the love of…stop that!” he shouted indignantly back at them.

George rolled on the ground with laughter. “Oh man, this is the best day ever!”

Eventually the snow dragon lowered his head and said to the boys, “Since you were so kind to us, we’d suggest you wish yourself home again, lest you be stuck here for a month.” It gave George a wink and licked Kyle from toe to head.

Kyle sputtered from between tongues, “Jeez George hurry up and make a wish! Sooner the better! Ugh!”

As much as George would like to stay he knew it really was best that they get home. He wasn’t old enough to use the stove and his tummy was telling him it was lunch time. They held the rock and once again felt the rush and pop of energy flow through them and when they next opened their eyes they found themselves safely back in the attic.

Kyle sniffed himself and looked at George. “I need a bath. I smell like Dragon. Your mom is never going to believe this.”

George giggled and slipped the rock into his pocket. “Are you kidding? Knowing my mom she’ll write it into one of her stories and make us famous or something.” The boys ran for the stairs with George shouting, “MOM! Guess what!”

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4 Responses to Under The Attic (Co-Written by George Crosby)

  1. I loved this! You two make a great writing team.

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