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Publication update, poem, and my Tip of the Week :)

I missed you all and wanted to share some of my good news with you. Awhile back I wrote a poem for challenge posted on Devin O’Branagan’s forum. Chris, one of the members, gave me the idea of Cupid and so I ran with … Continue reading

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OMG! A blank page? Say it ain’t so!

LOL! Okay so this week nothing inspired me to be written about so I’m taking the week off. Nice huh? Come on, you know you wannnna! ;P So if you happened to poke your head in here, not a total … Continue reading

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Blog Awards and a sneak peek at a new read!

Some blog award love was sent my way over the past week and I’m finally getting around to passing it on. MOST.  FUN. EVER. But first, an author friend of mine, and most of yours, had an early release surprise and … Continue reading

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Written Sin #7 – Redundancy is utterly Redundant…let the dead horse lie… See? ;)

Lately I’ve been writing more than ever, thank you Nano, and I’ve also been critiquing more of other people’s work than ever. The request for me to beta seems to be growing rapidly. Not unsurprising considering we all know I’m … Continue reading

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My Interlude with a Quick Brown Fox

A very busy month for me so I have lot’s to share with you this week.  🙂  First, I completed my first ever Nano (National Novel Writing Month)! *high kicks*. Somehow in my crazy life I managed to eke out … Continue reading

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