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Inspiration Point

I’m always amused at the things I come across that inspire me to write.  Just the other day I was perusing some contest links and came across one that said the piece ‘should contain the words; Twenty-five, anniversary, silver, and … Continue reading

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Sin #6 – Well La Di Frickin’ Da

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Written Sins. Today I’m serving up a heaping helping of who the frick cares! Don’t worry, the sarcasm is free of charge. 😉 Too much back-story is boring, and too much boring … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award & Haiku to You Too! & And a Book Giveaway!

An amazing and talented author pal of mine, J. A. Campbell (Firewolf), has gifted me with a Versatile Blogger award. So I’m told that the responsibility of winning this award is that now I have to tell you seven interesting … Continue reading

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