About Me

So apparently, the God’s of ‘Whom-everdom’ say that an About the Author section should be written in third person. Let’s review; you are visiting my blog, it’s written by me, maintained by me, and yet I’m supposed to pretend to you that some unknown mysterious third person (who likes me A LOT) wrote this? Um, no.


The Stats:

  • I’m Tammy. I’ve yet to find any government forms my middle names fit onto.
  • I’m over 40, but if I’m accused of this fact openly I will deny it extensively.
  • I’ve been married since the winter of 1994.  No one is more shocked than me.
  • My only child, a boy, has successfully turned my hair from 40% grey to 80% and I can hardly wait to hit full silver in few more short years.
  • I own a dog. I prefer cats.
  • I tweet @crosbywrites. I tweet random bits and thoughts but mostly late night haiku’s. A haiku is a form of poetry counted in syllables. Yes, I really am that OCD so regular poetry is not enough. I like mine extra complicated.

The Background:

  • Born and raised in small town Ontario, Canada.  
  • I had the good fortune to grow up with inconsistently mixed families. One older full brother, one younger half brother, two older stepbrothers, and an unofficially adopted sister. She took pity on me being surrounded by boys bless her heart. 
  • When I was not at home, I was out at my aunt and uncle’s farm living the dream of young girls everywhere by spending my days surrounded by horses. My uncle kicked it old school, oh he owned a tractor or two…he just preferred a team of horses. I’m probably one of the few who learned to rake hay and log and plow with horses. It’s these hours of my life and learning that I am most grateful for.
  • As a teen I had big dreams of being a Veterinarian yet ended up being anything and everything but that. I’ve been a field worker, retail worker, travelling groom, janitor, lead hand, quality document analyst, payroll coordinator, commercial engineering co-ordinator, configuration management coordinator, temp school secretary, to an admin asst. The list is endless and I’m sure it ain’t over yet but wherever it ends, I hope one day it ends with words like “retired”, or “ranch owner” or “full time writer”. A girl can dream.

The Passions:

  • I’ve been writing for a few years now and am constantly learning as I go. Grammar will never be my friend and comma’s will always allude/elude me and forever be the bane of my existence. Lucky for me I have some smart friends.
  • I love playing ice hockey. I play for fun once a week pretty much year round. I’m mediocre at best but an addict for life. Nothing gets rid of the frustration of a bad day quite like scrapping over a little black puck. My nickname on the ice is Crusher, mostly as I’m so clutzy I generally crush myself into things, like bluelines and nets.
  • I love motorcycling of any kind. Street, dirt, or whatever, it’s all good. It’s freedom and fun and yes, dangerous. I do my best to remain cautious while having a blast. It’s a conundrum.
  • Love to read. You can’t write if you don’t read.

Blah blah bored yet?   I’ll stop talking now that I’m sure I’ve overwhelmed you with all your new found love for me.     

Thanks for stopping by, let’s do it again sometime.

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Your Twin Jayne says:

    Love you lots. You never cease to crack me up. Keep up the blog. I love to keep tabs on you!!! xxoo

  2. Michelle Byloo says:

    Sweet Tam, I luv it =) The name I am really loving, I know how you feel I got the 4 names and it never fits in any document…..mine is not quite as 18 century romantic! I will be expecting an autographed copy of the first publication =)

  3. I love what I’m seeing here so far 😀 Good for you in starting your writing again. The world will be grateful!

  4. Lisa Forget says:

    Love your bio, love your humour and love getting to know you better, partner!!!

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