Work In Progress

Gaurdians of the Covenent Book 1:  Silk Moon Rising   

Lux Batel is a young girl who has no idea that a dorment Unicorn resides within her. As the Vampire population increases and the human one decreases the Werewolves call upon the hidden creature to help them restore balance to the earth. Meira is a mystical creature of the Gods, sees only good or evil, kills without compassion, and possesses no sense of humanity. Lux and Meira must journey and learn from each other.

Silk Moon Sneak Peek

I just recently began this one and it’s sitting at about 1300 words at the moment. Hoping for a novella out of this but may make it into a novel depending.



Two years after her husband and son are lost to a car accident, Kaitlyn Carlisle has hit the bottom of her last whiskey bottle. Deprogrammer extraordinaire, Dr. Garrett Richards, and his team, whisk her away to a rehab ranch deep in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. The kid gloves are off and it’s time for Kait to take a personal journey of unexpected proportions.

Began this project two years ago and am now on my second rewrite of draft number four.  Currently I am 6039 words / 96,000.

1 Response to Work In Progress

  1. Barbara Del Net says:

    Can’t wait to read this one Tammy.
    Luv ya
    Aunt Barb

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