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Curse of the Skin Witch

First thing I’ve written in awhile and it’s only 300 words but as always fun to see yourself posted elsewhere. Enjoy my free little Halloween read and other stories will be posted by different authors each friday of October. Cheers! … Continue reading

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Twas the Night Before NaNoWriMo

Twas the Night Before NaNoWriMo (by Tammy Crosby) Twas the night before Nanowrimo and all through the land the writers were scrambling to plot and to plan Armed with paper and pen, and laptop and journal They prepared to become … Continue reading

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What Depression Feels Like

Describing depression is a difficult challenge. Sometimes it is a temporary affliction, perhaps caused by trauma, anxiety or tragedy. For some it’s a lifelong affliction. Some describe it as walking through sand, and for those who suffer from it, this … Continue reading

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Under The Attic (Co-Written by George Crosby)

To kill some time on a recent journey I asked my son to write a story with me, the ideas are his, though as we submitted it for a short story challenge it had to be under 1000 words, so … Continue reading

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The Day I Became Invisible – My Life As A Blonde

So I’ve gotten to a point where even though I’m ‘only’ 42 years old my hair is more white and grey than brown. I did something drastic. I bleached my hair and went full blonde. It’s shocking and a bit … Continue reading

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Tammyism: Why Friday Is The Perfect Sick Day

For the purpose of this story the word IT = kid/s. You wake up feeling like crap on Sunday. You somehow manage to get through Monday. You think, “I made it through Monday. I will OWN Tuesday.”  You suffer sickly … Continue reading

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Blog Tour: Witch Hunt – Of The Blood

This week I’m hosting the co-authors of Witch Hunt – Of The Blood. This is a collection of tales centered around a particular family of witches throughout their collective history. It is spin-off from Devin O’Branagan’s novel entitled Witch Hunt, however; I am … Continue reading

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Oh Go On

Okay so this week brought up an interesting dilemma that I haven’t come across before and made me wonder how you all cope with it. The dilemma? Attention. In as much as I tweet, blog, write and post stories I’ve written, … Continue reading

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Story Flirt? Who, me?

Long time no blog but it’s no big deal, it just turns out my life is epically boring. *snort*  One interesting thing did happen recently; I attended yet another Brian Henry writing workshop. I always come away with something and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Writer J. A. Campbell:
I have two stories in this collection of dark tales. Caution, this does contain adult content, so it’s not suitable for a younger audience, and to view it you must have the adult…

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