Pool Party (129 words)

I stare at the ball as it floats and spins its aimless way around the empty pool.

Did this day really just happen? Surely I’m not really here, alive, breathing, sane. No I couldn’t be. I continue to stare out at the calm yet deadly circle of water. 

“Honey? You should come inside,” my husband is saying. “There are things – “ His words leave him in a rush of air.

He reaches down, picking up the small life vest that now lies forgotten on the deck. He clutches it to his chest as though there were still a tiny warm body tucked inside it. Tears stream down his cheeks.

I’m sure I notice his pain but I only continue to stare. Revisiting images I cannot un-see.

4 Responses to Pool Party (129 words)

  1. Patrick Ray says:

    Hello Tammy,

    Excellent piece of writing. Impressive amount of deep emotions conveyed in few words. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, What a piece! Very clear, dramatic and sad. Great writing in such a small space.

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