Story Flirt? Who, me?

Long time no blog but it’s no big deal, it just turns out my life is epically boring. *snort* 

One interesting thing did happen recently; I attended yet another Brian Henry writing workshop. I always come away with something and it’s a great way to network and meet other writers. Of course it didn’t hurt that my friends Dianne and Tricia were with me, or that my idol Kelley Armstrong was in attendance. 😉 

Why is Kelley my idol? She was developing strong female supernatural characters long before they were the ‘in’ thing. Her writing is exciting, deep, well paced and her plots and characters are rich in layers. Stumbling across her books was a life changing gig for me. I was already writing, but I thought to myself that if this local rural girl could accomplish so many amazing things then maybe I could learn too. I joined her online writing forum and I’ve never felt more at home now that I’ve found people with the same interest and passion. It’s very inspiring to be surrounded by talented writers. They have all, in their own way, driven me to continue in my attempts. That being said, while I’ve had small things published here and there, I’ve been working on the same MS for over 4yrs now and I just can’t seem to get through it. I keep getting distracted by other things I want to write. 

At the workshop I asked Brian about that exact problem of mine. He said, very kindly, “Well, you’re a story flirt that’s what you are.” 

Once the laughter died down he went on to say, and no I won’t quote him as I’ll screw it up, but the gist was this: You need to outline. If you follow your outline you won’t get stalled out. You’re problem is you’re bored of the story you’re working on, you’re three quarters the way through it and in your head it’s already done, it’s all figured out and over and now you’re just putting it to paper so you get bored. Distracted. 

So in my own head I hear: If you followed an outline it would be easier to stay on task and, I dunno, actually get something finished.

I’m going to give it a try. I love writing flash and short pieces as they allow me to move onto my next concept quicker, but my MS needs some time and loving so I can get the thing done and over. I owe it to myself to finish it and move on. If Kelley could take 8yrs to get Bitten finished surely there’s some hope left out there in the world for the rest of us “Story-Flirts” too. Right? 

On a separate note: I recently read a book and highly recommend it if you enjoy YA. Though it started a bit iffy for me, the moment was brief and soon I found I couldn’t put it down. It’s called Angelfall and it’s written by Susan Ee and it’s her debut novel. This link will take you to her site where you can read the first 5 chapters of this book for FREE so you can decide if it’s worth spending your own money or not. 🙂  

Blurby section from her site: It’s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world. Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night. When warrior angels fly away with a helpless little girl, her seventeen-year-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back.

Until we meet again I wish you peace, plotmares, and all kinds of happy haunting!

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6 Responses to Story Flirt? Who, me?

  1. Marianne Su says:

    As you know, I aslo admire Kelley Armstrong and always get inspired to write after speaking with her. The outlining thing is good advice. I agree. You sound like the kind of writer who needs a loose outline, though, so that there is room for surprises along the way to keep you interested.

    • CDNWMN says:

      You know me well Mari! 😉 It was interesting to hear her talk about working with a writing partner on a project, they are soooo different in how they go about their writing, but yet it worked. Kelley is an outliner, her partner wasn’t, but sitting down and drawing out those short desc of each chapter kept them both focused. Worth a shot right? lol 🙂

  2. I outline big time. I do a complete outline of the story, then outline chapters and scenes, but that’s just me. I find new things (conflict, sub-plots, characters) reveal themselves when I do this. I don’t think I could write without one.

  3. Pat Hollett says:

    Awesome blog post! I enjoyed reading it. It felt like something I needed to hear and I have the same issues with my ms. ‘Story flirt’ also! I need to get it done and you’ve just reinforced the reasons why I haven’t. On to outlining and finishing. So glad you got to do that workshop and see Kelley and Brian. 🙂

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