Bleeding Ink! 🙂

Writer J. A. Campbell

I have two stories in this collection of dark tales. Caution, this does contain adult content, so it’s not suitable for a younger audience, and to view it you must have the adult content filter turned off at Smashwords.

From the Description: This compilation of paranormal, supernatural, dark and twisted works will have you looking over your shoulder and sleeping with the light on! With over 60 stories from nearly 40 authors and containing short stories and poetry this book offers up something for even the hardest reader to please. 18 and over please.

I have two stories in this Anthology. By Full Moon’s Light and Roses for the Devil.

Excerpts – Safe for all age levels.

By Full Moon’s Light

Something snapped me out of a deep sleep. I sat up quickly, a surge of something I’d call adrenalin if I were human rushed through my body.

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  1. Good stuff in here! Thanks Tammy 🙂

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