Interview with Doc The Vampire Hunting Dog and author J. A. Campbell

Hello, my name is Chester, I am owner of the person you call Tammy.  She is, um, busy, shall we say.  *looks shifty*

Meanwhile I have taken it upon myself to post a blog in her absence.

Please welcome Doc the Vampire Hunter and his master J. A. Campbell (Julie). 

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Doc is a Border Collie who hunts vampires with his human, Kevin. In this adventure they face their first fight and their most dangerous foe. It’s man’s best friend vs. his worst enemy…

I, Chester THE Cat, believe that impressive acts by dogs should be applauded as they happen so rarely. So, please, let us take a moment to get to know Doc.

1.       Doc, please share with us, how hard was it to convince your human that you were capable of taking on a vampire?

Doc: *tilts head* Not hard at all. Why would you think it would be difficult? One got into the house, I helped kill it. End of story. Well, really that was the start.

2.       Do you ever get annoyed with the incompetence of humans in general? Or perhaps that’s just me. *purrs*

Doc: I do wish Kevin would learn to shut the door quietly. Maybe learn to cook. His mate cooked great. Though I find my human quite competent. He kills vampires after all.

3.       According to your novella you and your human suffered a great loss. Do you think your human will ever properly recover from that? 

Doc: I heard him say once that he needed closure. Not sure what exactly that is, but when he finds it, he’ll be okay. I hope. *lays ears flat*

4.       If your human was to bring home a dog hater how would you cope with that? Quite a bit different than dealing with a Vampire I would imagine no?

Doc: Kevin’s not dumb. He only likes people who likes dogs. Though if he did and she tried to sit in my lazy chair, I’d jump in her lap. Then she’d either like dogs, or leave. *grin*

5.       Does your breath always smell like this? Is it genetic? *looks disgusted*

Doc: *huffs* Your breath isn’t any better.

6.       What would you like to share with your new fans? Besides your bad breath….

Doc: It’s great to have a job. Vampires smell funny and should die. Speaking of… *Sniffs* you smell funny too…

7.       If you could be anything else in the world, what would it be and why?

Doc: Why would I want to be anything else? Border Collies are the best. I’d rather be a farm dog than a city dog though. Maybe someday we’ll go back. You should be a Border Collie. Then maybe you’d smell better. 

Miss Julie, why hello and welcome to the blog formerly run by my pris…*looks abashed, coughs* …person.  Eh hem. A few questions my dear if you would be so kind.

1.       Why are you a dog person? Please god WHY??????

There is nothing better than coming home to the enthusiastic greeting of a dog. Or taking one running, or riding, or for a ride in the truck, or just about anything. I love cats to, but dogs… they’re just constant companions and it’s wonderful.

2.       If you could be anything else in the world, what would it be and why?

A full time writer instead of a part time writer. Maybe an adventuring writer. I wouldn’t mind being a star ship captain either. That’d be pretty cool – good story material there.

3.       What would you like people to know about you and what your currently working on?

I’m working on the sequel to Senior Year Bites, an Urban Fantasy that came out last summer. I just need to do edits. I’m also working on a horse Fantasy that should be out soonish, and of course I’m plotting more Doc stories.

4.       What made you think there would be a market for a book written by a lowly dog and not a cat? You know, like a cat like me, for example. *stretches claws*

Would you want to go through the work of hunting a vampire? Think of all the gore you’d have to clean off. *lowers voice* All the baths you’d have to take…

I honestly didn’t consider market when I wrote the story. It was the encouragement of others that kept me going on Doc’s stories. The story itself was inspired by a flash contest.

Thank-you Doc and Miss Campbell for stopping by. I hope you will see more of me around here, perhaps in your next project yes? After all, I AM the King of Cats. *shushes locked basement door*

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48 Responses to Interview with Doc The Vampire Hunting Dog and author J. A. Campbell

  1. LMAO Excellent job Chester, well done!

  2. Hi Chester, good interview. Very enlightening. Have you developed opposable thumbs or are you using that new cat-to-human dictation software? Impressive nonetheless. 🙂

    • CDNWMN says:

      We haven’t met but I thank you for stopping by. I prefer the slave to english translation. I’m above typing, I have ‘people’ for that. 😉

    • Thanks for dropping in for my interview. You should see my writer’s cat… he does have opposable thumbs though I believe, like Chester, he enjoys the slave to english translation most of the time. Except when he’s buying space ships.


  3. kathils says:

    Love it! LOL Excellent interview (for a cat, that is). Er. . . nicely done, Chester! Nice to get a chance to meet Doc, as well.

  4. Steve McHugh says:

    Chester’s gives a good interview.

    A cat would make an excellent Vampire hunter, so long as it could be bothered. Because, as we all know, you can’t get a cat to do what you want it to do. It does as it pleases, and you deal with it.

  5. Anne Michaud says:

    Could you guys be more cute? Impossible! A symphony of toxedo pets, I dare say…

  6. Gareth says:

    LOL, great interview’s Chester. Incidently I notice you’re a Tuxedo Kitty like our Spyke. The brightside, no matter what you do you always look dapper.

    Incidently I may be the first hummie to figure out why cats became domesticated (or rather more attracted to hummies.)

  7. I swear my cats pity my incompetence as well! lol
    Great interview! Very entertaining!

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  9. Tammy, thanks so much for having us here!

    Julie and Doc

  10. Lisa Forget says:

    Chester – what a wonderful interviewer you are! Doc – how brave of you, fighting vampires AND being interviewed by such a clever cat! Thank you for dropping by Julie and hope you’re doing okay in the basement Tammy! LOL! Very enjoyable interview! Thanks to all involved.

  11. Chester: You are such a…cat.
    Doc: Thanks for keeping us safe from vampires. I sleep much better knowing you are hard at work.
    Julie: You’d make a great star ship captain.
    Tammy: Let us know if you require any assistance breaking out of prison. I have an intrepid demon-fighting Australian Shepherd who isn’t terribly afraid of cats. I think…

    • Devin, you and I can join forces to break her out. Me with my starship, you with your Aussie. Doc will coordinate…

      Thanks Devin! Hunting vampires is a great job.

    • Oh dear. I just consulted with Hallelujah the intrepid demon-fighting Aussie, and she said that Chester is in a class all by himself and she would prefer to not attempt a rescue.

      My most sincere apologies, Tammy. Um, I hope you figure out a way to outwit him soon. I imagine that rations of dead mice heads gets old after a while…

  12. Alf says:

    Hey Willie! Where’s the cat?!

  13. Marianne Su says:

    I had a smile on my face the whole read (in a good way)…and I enjoyed the interview too!

  14. T. James says:

    Great fun. Made me smile 🙂 I think you both captured the characters of your chosen animals really well…

    Now, the question I cannot help but ask is, what does this say about the real you? 😉

  15. Pat Hollett says:

    Whooaaa! Look at all the nice comments here! What a good blog. I enjoyed the humour of Chester and Doc…especially the ‘bad breath’ part. Nicely done and some good stuff to chuckle at. Keep it up. We can already sense Chester’s personality coming through in this interview. Obstinant little thing, isn’t he? LOL 🙂

  16. dannigrrl says:

    Very cute interview. I’m surprised the cat agreed to put forth the effort. 🙂

  17. Delightful! I liked getting to know a bit more about Doc, and Chester. 😉

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