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Hullo all! So what fun has been cooked up for you this week you wonder? Well Danni and Anne, some amazing peeps, came up with this wonderful idea for us to do a blog hop where we all post pictures of our writing journals. Then we talk a little bit about them, and our writing process.  I hope you enjoy. 

So, this mess, is mine;

Some things in my life are very organized and compartmentalized (don’t listen to my husband), and other things in my life, like my writing, are messy and all over the place. I still often use a notepad and pen for writing. It travels anywhere, doesn’t need a battery, and will dry when dropped in the tub. *cough, cough* 

Random ideas hit me here and there throughout the day and I need a place to note them so I don’t ‘lose’ them. Plus, what can I say, I love my darling lappy but oldschool rocks. I love seeing pages filled with ink. Makes me freaking giddy. 

Most of my notepads are just spiral bounds, nothing fancy, but then my hubby bought me the lovely fairy journal here and I LOVE it. I write all my poetry and haiku in there. 

Like most writers, we have fetishes for paper and pens. I have at least a couple dozen pens around me at any given time. What colours? Black, pink, and purple seem to be my colours of choice. Especially purple though.  So how about all of you? Do you still use pen and paper? Any preference for colour, texture, 5mm, 7mm, expensive fancy fountain pens you care to share? Fess up, it’s time to air your inky secrets! 

And once you’ve done that, you really mustn’t miss out on these other fellow scribblers and scratchers for a sneak peek into their own weirdly wonderful worlds and processes. Cheers! 🙂

Danielle La Paglia

Anne Michaud

Marianne Su

Victoria D Griesdoorn

Ren Warom

J.A. Campbell

Maria Kelly

Chrissey Harrison

Natalie Westgate

Tony Noland

Larry Kollar

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34 Responses to Scribbles Blog Hop

  1. sallyawolf says:

    Great notebook, mine is not so fancy but it is not what is on the outside that counts right? Wish I could have been a part of this maybe next time.

  2. I actually have that exact notebook – twice! 😉 I guess my family knows me so well they all gunned for the same one come Christmas shopping. Every post you write, I learn another side to you, Tammy. Can’t wait to see what you have next week!

  3. diannewaye says:

    Tammy – so glad we share this weird passion for spiral-bound books and ink. Love it!

  4. Anne Michaud says:

    Ouh, I do love a good, solid spiral-bound notebook, Tams…but the paper needs to be thick , since I write like a madwoman. Very cute fairy journal, btw:)

    Happy Scribbles Blog Hop, The Tamsters ♥

  5. Ren Warom says:

    Taminator! Nice collection… *impressed face*

    I love the uses of different coloured pens. I’m a sucker for a ball-point gel pen. Those babies don’t half write smooth. But I’m boring and stick to black and blue… word bruises on paper, kind of fitting really. 😛

    That fairy journal is very pretty indeed.

  6. T. James says:

    I’m boring. No fairies, elves, pixies, and definitely nothing pink. It’s a spiral jotter. It’s got my notes in it… I like the fact it doesn’t crash.

    Tech? Ooooh, shiny! I have cuddly Angry Birds on my monitor, and a dragon, and a Darlek, and Gandalf, and Darth Vader, and Yoda, but no fairies. And definitely nothing pink. 😉

  7. Todd D says:

    One of my books is one that my wife got me. It’s a coil bound, felt cover with a pic of a Chinese/Tribal-ish dragon on the front. It has black pages and I use a silver pen in it. I usually write poems, lyrics and short stories in it.

  8. Marianne Su says:

    Loved seeing inside your journals and writing process, Tammy. I would say your journals are organized…the lovely fairy one is just for poetry right? 🙂 Hope you’re enjoyed Scribbles Hop!

  9. Tony Noland says:

    Sweet! I use a spiral bound notebook, too – I love the way it folds flat and is so flexible for positioning.

    • CDNWMN says:

      So true! And the big 5star 5 subject ones are really stiff stuff for writing while standing, since I read your blog, I know you know what I mean. haha! 🙂

  10. FARfetched says:

    I do understand the utility of a spiral-bound. But I just gotta have something that fits in my pocket, or it won’t be there when I need it!

    Love the fairy journal, although I’d probably end up staring at the fairy instead of writing if I had one of my own. 😉

    Funny, you’re about the only one who talked about pens. I just use basic ballpoints, because gel pens tend to bleed a little too much & I don’t write that much vampire fiction. I used to love the “Rolling Writer” pens, but I was being silly one day & found out that flicking them actually *did* splatter ink all over the place! I have a friend who’s a fountain pen fanatic, but I’m not *that* hardcore.

    • CDNWMN says:

      Lmao! Oh I’m so glad you stopped by, made me chuckle about the vampire fiction. hehe…
      I’ve yet to brave a fountain pen, i’m a lefty. I sense danger. :O

  11. Gareth says:

    To be honest I tend to have a lot of Journo Spiral pads on hand, they’re cheap and they’re easy to find a clean page when you need to use one. (Although my other half has a habit of nicking pages to use for shopping lists.)

  12. You have neat handwriting! As for things like writing being messy and all over the place, I can totally relate. I think it’s probably because being creative means getting down an idea while you’re already mulling it over and progressing the train of thought in your mind. The brain works much faster than the pen (or so I’ve found)!

    I had my favourite pens when studying architecture, and I have some biros that are the best ever biros that I’ve ever found but I never think that I need to write with them. If something else is to hand then I’ll use that instead, no real preference there. When it comes to writing letters or cards for people though I’ll make sure to use the awesome biros!

  13. Purple Ink FTW…. (I swear I commented on everyone’s blog, but apparently I missed yours. Sorry)

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Lisa Forget says:

    Will try this again….

    Love your sharing with us where you keep all your wonderfully creative ideas! The Fairy Journal is beautiful…very nice of hubby to give you such a lovely gift.

    I write most of my ideas on paper pulled out of the recycling bin. Backs of envelopes, stray sales receipts and napkins will do in a pinch, especially if they’re lying at the bottom of my purse or on the floor of my van when a crazy idea hits me.

    All my favourite pens also seem to the favourites of the theiving Murphy clan I live with, so, sometimes I’m forced to jot down my thoughts with an old pencil nub or left over crayola markers…
    Later partner!
    🙂 Lisa

    • CDNWMN says:

      Yo Babe thanks for stopping by. 😉 I’m with on the crayons. The tim hortons lady looked at me strange on one occasion. Non writers don’t get it. 😛

  15. That’s awesome Tammy! Although I don’t really use paper and pen as much anymore…I do have many note pads of ideas and they are all a mess. These days though I tend to grab whatever is handy, jot down my ideas then transfer them into my laptop as soon as I can. I have a bunch of files labeled “new idea” lol

    But…that doesn’t mean I don’t still buy pens and notepads whenever I can…I am a paper/pen – oholic…what writer isn’t 😉

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  17. dannigrrl says:

    OMG, Tammy, I LOVE that fairy notebook! Your husband is awesome! J.A. said she likes purple ink, too. For all my crazy notebooks, I only write in black ink. In junior high and a little in high school, I used blue, but at some point I switched to black and I would rather write in pencil then write in blue or any other color. Does that make me nuts? Probably. Whatever. Of course, if inspiration strikes and there’s nothing else, I’ll write with a friggin crayon if I have too. 🙂

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