Non Writerly Musings on My Mind

Am I the only one who thinks the apocalypse is already happening? Everyone seems to think it’ll be like one huge event of mass destruction. Personally, I think we’re IN the event. We’ve demolished entire species, we have earthquakes, volcanoes, war, tsunami’s (I really don’t remember EVER hearing about a tsunami as a child yet now it has a name). China is a huge country and they have apparently been so overrun by their government that they would rather step over a dying child than attract attention to themselves.  We have taxes on taxes on taxes. Our sky is dying from our contamination and so is our water. Millions of people die every year from starvation, dehydration, or overexposure to the elements because we are unwilling or unable to protect them. We’ve reached the apex and we’re standing on the precarious brink of having to choose between us and them. We were all originally born into a world where the strongest and fittest survived, and now it’s the richest and most devious who rule. How far have we really come? Either way you look at it, we’re still being bullied to death. At least the strongest and fittest were honest about their agenda, kill or be killed, now it’s slave your life away to serve the betterment of the rich. Some of the some highest paid people in our countries ALL work in our governments. Are they worth the price they cost?

Oh and did I mention the ever increasing suicide rate? Not to mention the avg age of those committing it is decreasing, meaning more and more young people are choosing death over life. And why? Perhaps because with every  passing year we lose more of our ability to instill hope amongst our youth. We can’t reach them, don’t reach out to them. We’ve separated ourselves from them. If you were/are 18 today, how does the world look to you? What does your future look like to you? We used to live with multiple families sharing an open cave, now our children sleep on separate floors. We cannot let this world scatter us, we must regroup, we must return to what matters, community.

What’s next for humanity? Where will we stop? When will we wake up and see the big picture and not just the one the media and government want to sell to us? Is this the time for mass panic? If not, when?


Okay so that was likely a bit depressing but it’s something we need to hear once in awhile. Not so we can sit around and feel bad for ourselves, but so we can move forward. Create goals, make changes, cause some ripples. Mostly my message is for us all to take on the responsibility of giving not only our children, but also ALL children, hope. We need to let them know that whatever this world brings, they matter to it. That they are right there with us, slugging it out, holding our hands. A world without hope is a very dark and depressing place to live. Let’s shine some light. Let’s get outside every day, get involved in our communities, join Big Brothers, adopt, VOLUNTEER. Stop huddling behind our laptops, pc’s and video games and rejoin the community that surrounds us. Let us all change the world one child at a time. Are you with me?  🙂

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32 Responses to Non Writerly Musings on My Mind

  1. Jordan says:

    There is and there always has been struggle, despair, disasters, and horrific things done to human beings by other human beings. The internet has made it so this kind of information can be brought to our attention as well as raw footage of said event that has never been available before. Point being the world is, and always has been, a bitch.

    Our involvement in third world countries has actually created the increase in population which in turn is going to cause a massive famine some day in these countries. The loss of human life will be catastrophic as first world countries cut back resources to feed their own. Sad yes, but could have been avoided if we taught these countries how to produce rather than stealing their resources for our own.

    This divide between the rich and the poor is nothing new and is cyclical. We are just beginning to approach the breaking point in the western world. History has shown eventually these people will be taken down in some form of revolution. This kind of thing is actually happening right now in some parts of the world. The only thing delaying this in the western world is that we have been given spectacular entertainment to keep us content. But that is slowly wearing thin. There will be change, maybe not in our life time, but there will be prosperity again. However, because of human nature that will only last so long, and the cycle will repeat itself.

    I guess the overall point is this, humans are very resilient. It’s going to take much more than a failing economy and our own people to keep us down. We have endured far, far worse than what you are seeing now. But, it is important to read up on these events to understand where we are heading.

    • CDNWMN says:

      ‘Spectacular entertainment’ that’s a whole nother discussion. lol.
      Thanks for you input Jordan, always nice to see people are still passionate about the world and excellent points all round.

  2. Todd D. says:

    Wait, what?!?! There’s a real world?

    In all seriousness though, you are correct, but I don’t know if there is any real way to fix this. There is so much corruption in all levels of government that it would be nearly impossible to get it back to any kind of state where the world could function in any kind or normalcy.

    There would have to be no religion, an economy that is not based on “what-ifs” and fictional values of some metal. It’s a long ways away, but we can all dream can’t we.

    Just live your life, the best you can. Love your family and that’s the best that you can hope for.

  3. T. James says:

    I think you’re right Tammy, home is where the heart is – start there, grow your garden… then send out what you can to others…

  4. Marianne Su says:

    Very philosophical post, Tammy. And an important one. I see what you see in the world but I try to balance the reality with persistent optimism. It’s a delicate balance between giving respect to those in the world who are suffering by not ignoring them and doing what we can in small ways to make a positive impact to people we touch. Ideological, maybe, but if John Lennon could imagine, so can we.

  5. Lisa Forget says:

    I’m with you Tammy. As a mother of three daughters, I’ve tried to instill in them the importance of family, community, respecting others and respecting themselves. Parents must be present in their children’s lives. It’s our responsibility to educate the citizen’s of our planet. We can’t be lazy and pass on the job to anyone else. When we care, our children care. In a world focused on “all about me”, we need our young people to care.

  6. I love the images and examples you present here. It’s definitely not one of your usual funny posts but it does drive home a message…yes pun intended! Like Lisa says, we can’t be lazy. We can’t pass the job down. We have ot do it ourselves. This post coincides with the Oct writing challenge about post-apocalyptic events and yes you’ve made some great points here. I agree. Are we destroying ourselves already? I’d like to think there’s still hope for us. But, you know me…I’m an optimist even when the shit hits the fan. Good blog. Serious, and well written!!!

    • CDNWMN says:

      just keeping you on your toes PattiO. 😉 The challenge was great, I’m not a fan of apocalyptic fiction, mostly because the odds of some of them being true one day all too soon are growing ever NOT in our favour.

  7. Gareth says:

    Thought provoking and one that causes a lot of contemplation to be honest. Whilst I can’t change the world as a whole I can make things a little better where I am. What do I do? Well I hold doors open for people, give a smile or nod of the head to people I pass and where I can help encourage my relatives to read books that will challenge and help them “grow.”

    Yes the last statement may well sound like I’m talking out of my backside but by getting them to read something that they wouldn’t normally, it causes them to think and then come up with thier own solutions. We should encourage people to think for themselves and to question things. After all, how can we change things if we don’t? But by influencing my relatives, they in turn can then pass on the knowledge or the read to someone else who may learn a lesson themselves. It won’t be the same lesson as we all interpret things differently but by asking questions we learn and lets face it theres always something new to learn right up until that last breath.

    As usual a well written post and one that took some time to think my way through. Thank you.

    • CDNWMN says:

      You’re welcome G. I can always count on you for a great comment, reading is always good, some think it’s escapist, and it is, but it also pushes us way outside our comfort zones and makes us see thing differently than we, ourselves, thought we would. And that’s a very good thing. Encouraging reading is encouraging enlightenment. 🙂

  8. diannewaye says:

    Excellent post, Tammy. Well said. The media bombardment of diasterous events can wear on the soul. Sometimes it feels like we can’t do enough to help. I’m still holding out with hope for the human race.

    • CDNWMN says:

      Does make one wonder when too much information is a bad thing. Our kids are so overwhelmed by disaster and war images in the media that it’s rare they get to see the balance that is also taking place in the world. Thanks for your comment DW. 🙂

  9. I think about this all the time…why are people sitting around waiting for this one huge event when there’s so much happening around us now.

    I am doing my part…even if it’s a small part. 😉

  10. Anne Michaud says:

    Oh Tams! I, too, find it repulsive how the world is turning, but do try my best to not get comfortable and do little things that I hope, someday, will have a greater impact.

    A revolution imposses itself, don’t you think?

  11. A very good post, certainly thought provoking. I agree with a lot of it, but Jordan also makes some good points. I find that if I think too much about it, I get overwhelmed. So, I find small bits that I can focus on and do my part.

  12. Chuck says:

    Fantastic BLOG. Wrote a book about a twist on the Apocalypse myself. Hopefully I can get it published. Thanks for the story and thanks for stopping by my Blog as well. See ya around.

  13. kathils says:

    Very thought provoking and interesting post, Tammy. But I do think we hear about things now that we didn’t as children because of how technology and communication systems have grown. Not to say Mother Nature isn’t majorily pissed off and wreaking more havoc. However, there are also people living in locations where they may not have been, there are more people all over the planet. When something happens in what was once a remote spot we’re going to hear about it because someone lives there now. Excellent post.

  14. I’m with you, I think if there is an “end of the world” then it’s already going on. The amount of natural disasters lately just seems to be increasing exponentially.

    I think no matter what though that nature will win out. It always does because it adapts and can adapt, humans don’t seem to adapt very well to most things. In fact, I think we are devolving so maybe primordial ooze is the way to go! Wooo ooze!

  15. Some wise words Tammy. We really do need to stop and look around us from time to time!

    I think one of the keys to a better world is education. People are less likely to act out if they know what there is to lose in this world.

    And with now 7 billion people we need to slow down a bit maybe?

  16. S Jarkins says:

    Great blog, Tammy. Thanks for the food for thought. Your view that now is the apocalypse is quite traditional (as a PhD in Religious Studies I know this). Keep your stick on the ice!

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