My first ever guest post & ‘Hot’ Flash for you!

Hullo everyone!

Please come and check out my very first guest post over at Angela Addams blogspot. I really hope to see you all there and cannot wait to read your comments on such a ‘hot’ topic. 😉  Cheers!

Speaking of HOT (and to tie into my guest post) here’s my first ever attempt at writing something with some shizzle! I hope you enjoy it.

The Break-Up

I close my eyes and die inside because you’re there waiting for me.

With every breath I draw, I breathe in your scent; taste your skin upon my tongue. It drives me to madness. Much like the pressure of your hips on mine drives me to call out your name.

Your roughness melts into the softness of my own, creating a fire inside us both.  We create a rhythm of friction and it burns us up. Brings us to ecstasy that only only we, you and I, dare discover.

We throw inhibitions aside and climax in a blaze of heat, one upon the other. We plunge, exhausted, into the depths of sated slumber and sweet nothings. Ever so endearingly you breathe quietly into the nape of my neck…curl your fingers greedily around my hip…

I open my eyes now and it kills me because I’m here, alone, and you’re there, with her. And for a moment I die inside.

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30 Responses to My first ever guest post & ‘Hot’ Flash for you!

  1. Wow! Well done, Tammy!
    I’ve known that feeling…it sucks!
    You captured it perfectly!

  2. Chrissey Harrison says:

    Fiery, intimate, touching and sweetly sad. You picked out some excellent little details to create the scene. Spot on 😀

  3. diannewaye says:

    First time shizzling. hey? I don’t believe you. LOL!
    Great job – sad twist at the end. Lots of emotion packed into this hot flash.

  4. T. James says:

    Passionate, honest, insightful, imaginative… It reads real…

    Yes it’s ‘hot’, but it’s also clever, subtle and touching (in both ways 😉 ). Superb job Tammy…Sex between people with souls, and not just a mechano-hump-fest between two acrobats who each provide an orifice or two for the voyeur.

    One day, who knows? You may have single handedly removed my writer’s block on putting something like this into what I write. I just don’t know if I could do it as well…

  5. Marianne Su says:

    Sexy and sad…love it. Artfully done.

  6. This was an amazing ‘first’ flash about something erotic. I loved the heat and the creative way you entwined their bodies and lust. It was unfortunately a sad ending…I was looking for a HEA after all that shizzle! 🙂 You may have found a new calling Tammygirl!

  7. Sonia Lal says:

    Well done! I loved it.

  8. Lisa Forget says:

    Flash is a great way to step out and try something new.
    Wonderfully written. Love it Tammy!

  9. Gareth says:

    This is the one of the reasons why you should try new things every so often, you can learn so much by writing a piece in a different genre and learn some new writing tricks so that you can add a new layer to your work.

    Its emotional, it has a clever twist and, if you’ll pardon the pun, get’s the job done whilst keeping the heat going. Well done T.

  10. Very nicely done Tams – nice little twist on the end there. Masterful 🙂

  11. Jordan says:

    I’ll be in my bunk. No calls.

  12. I’m no expert, but pretty darn hot I think :). Sad ending though.

  13. BeaCharmed says:

    Nicely done. You packed a lot in there. You should do more hot scenes.

  14. kathils says:

    Nicely done. Very tastefully handled in a hot, steamy, intimate manner. Love the twist at the end.

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