Bio, Bio, it’s off to work we go!

Yeah I know, lame title this week. You’ll get over it.

First the good news; I’m published! I had the good fortune to write a piece titled The Angel Wars with my fantastic-amazing-patient-supportive writing partner, Pat Hollett. It’s a compilation of emails where she got to play the role of Devil to my God. The whole process was a riot as we emailed each other back and forth to see where it would take us next.  A wonderful learning experience!

Now, the bad news; when a publisher sends you an advance copy to check your edits, DO IT. Don’t just lie and say you did. *scuffs toe in dirt shamefully* lol! The second last section I wrote has some weird >’s instead of ‘s. *facepalm* But in the end who cares, my name is in PRINT people! WOOOOOT!!!! 

The better news; there are three other writers from the OWG in there too. Anne Michaud, Jessica Peter, and Anastasija Ivanovic. The girls submitted a story called Animal Kingdoom and it rocks! Enjoy!

Now that all that gushing is out of the way, back to business. In order to submit a story we had to send in an author bio. Personally, as a noob, I found writing a bio to be very stressful. I mean what to say, what not to say, too short, too long, that sort of thing. Really awkward. So now that I’ve got the actual print book of the anthology in my hot hand I’m having fun snoop – er – studying everyone else’s bio’s to see what catches my eye. Here’s what I’ve found, and please keep in mind this is only in regards to these type of little known author compilations;

– Don’t tell me every little scrap of everything you’ve ever done in your entire writing ‘career’. You’re in a non-paying anthology people, I mean, really? And chances are good that the readers will have never heard of, nor care about, any of those publishers, publications, or acronyms you felt the need to blather on about.

– Do keep it brief and please include a link so that if I actually liked your story, I can find out more about you. *note to self*

– Don’t tell me your entire educational history. I really don’t care how many degrees or masters you have in anything, I only care that you can write a great story.

– Don’t tell me ‘Jane lives in upstate New York.’ I don’t care where you live really, especially if you blurt it out and let it hang there. Perhaps try ‘hanging on the streets of New York Jane learned a lot about…’ Otherwise if I really want to know where you were born, raised, moved to, moved again too….I’ll check your link.

– Do, be either funny, or touching. Your bio should make me a feel as though I’ve connected to you in some small way, at least if you want me to look up your link. Facts and figures consist only of cold data, so warm me up to you! 🙂

Well there you have it, my take on bio’s. Now the hundred dollar question; what do you all think? Are there things that irk you in a bio as well, or things that you enjoy?

And for my talented and published followers, what would you consider to be either a big no-no, or an absolute must have in a bio?

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24 Responses to Bio, Bio, it’s off to work we go!

  1. Todd D says:

    I totally agree with you. If it doesn’t make me laugh, or chuckle…heck even smile, within the first couple lines……..skipped.

    As you said, you’re in a non-paying anthology. Just be happy you got published in the first place.

  2. Lisa Forget says:

    Once again you deliver a great message with a whole lot of humour! Love your style chiquita!!

    Like you, I enjoy a bio laced with wit and enough info to whet my appetite for more. If a website is mentioned, curiosity always makes me check it out, cause I’m nosey.

    I also like knowing when an author has a whole other side to their life. For example, JR Ward and her medical admin background, JK Beck and her legal background, Gabaldon and her research marine biology background. Somehow, it helps me get inside the author’s head, if you know what I mean…

    Anyhoo, like you said, all we really care about is if they can write a good story.

    Looking forward to reading The Angel Wars!

    🙂 Lisa

  3. diannewaye says:

    Dianne finds it weird to write about her life in third person. She’s pretty sure it throws off other writers, too. And she finds it difficult to be humourous in this stitled format. And nobody cares about her great love for the new hamster, so she’s going to skip that part in her bio.

    She loves Tammy’s blog, and will be sure to pick up a copy of e-Pocalypse.

  4. Anne Michaud says:

    I vote for a comedy-themed story collaboration between Di and the Tamster – seriously ladies, think about it!

    And Tam, you’re so right – if the bio isn’t fun to read, I’ll just skip!

  5. Congratulations Tammy! What an amazing accomplishment! And yes, bad girl, you should have checked your copy for typos…naughty, naughty.

    As for the bio…good points…it makes me rethink mine. Personally I rarely read the author bios anymore…I’m more interested in the acknowledgment page.

  6. CDNWMN says:

    I love the acknowledgement and dedication pages, it’s mildly irksome when someone will put ‘For Joey’, who’s Joey??? You dedicated your book to him, I want to know! lol! ;P

  7. T. James says:

    Hi Tammy, I’d love to leave some insightful and wise comment, but I know nothing about bios, except they are what my wife does in the lab for her job. So I shall sweep the stairs, crouch under the waterfall in the lotus position, and pick up burning coals – preventing my skin burning simply by the power of my mind. Oh, and learn from you, Sensei.

  8. Gareth says:

    You know, I wouldn’t have a clue to write in my bio if I ever get anything published, I’d have to hope that theres someone out there who could write one that wouldn’t make me sound dorky. I don’t think:
    Slayer of the Softback, Hitman of the Hardback or the Butcher of books would really carry much weight. LOL

  9. Pj Schnyder says:

    Grats! *happy dance*

    You make great points about a bio. Another thing to keep in mind is to update the bio fairly regularly. It might only be a bit of a tweak, but best to keep it an up to date reflection of you and let your personality shine through.

  10. Pat Hollett says:

    I like your take on it. I think you’ve said it all perfectly! And thanks for the shout out babe! Loved working with you and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! 🙂

  11. Good tips! I hope you were able to get the >s corrected.

  12. Elisa says:

    Congratulations on your publication. That is sooo awesome :0)

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