Inspiration Point

I’m always amused at the things I come across that inspire me to write.  Just the other day I was perusing some contest links and came across one that said the piece ‘should contain the words; Twenty-five, anniversary, silver, and take place at a cemetery’.  For some reason, completely unknown to me, the first thing that popped into my head was ‘pirate/treasure/scaring small children around a campfire’.   Is there ever any rhyme or reason to the madness that is a writer? I hope not.  

The other interesting point about a challenge like that is how you would think it to be very restrictive and limiting, yet, in reality, it achieved immediate inspiration. It’s very reminiscent of life in general really isn’t it. I mean life keeps kicking us in the head, and we keep finding new ways to stand up and kick it back. Everything in our physical world seems bent on containing us, boxing us in, impeding us, and so we humans react to this kind of entrapment in a variety of ways. For the writer, we write. We delve deep into our dark and beautiful minds and create worlds where anything we can imagine becomes possible.  What could be better therapy for coping with the real world than taking an occasional dip in a dream?  

When I’m not creating it, I’m reading it. Books give us hope. They allude to possibilities beyond the realm of our own imagination. The true key to the very best of books is that even among the most fantastical of worlds, one thing remains the same, humanity. Our inherent need for good to win over evil, for characters to be fallible yet still represent courage, strength, and compassion.  For them to contain a few grains of what we, ourselves, possess. This is how we will succeed in bridging the gap between our readers and us.

What inspired you five years ago? What inspires you now? What do you think will inspire you five years from now? 

Tammy’s Tip of the Week

Self-affirmation is no joke and we can use its power for good, not just evil like those media marketers do. 😉  Today is a brand-new  day. Today you can choose to be the person that you want to be. Today you will remember to take a moment to appreciate nature. Today you will perform at least one random act of kindness.  

Suggestion: Someone once did this for me and since then it has become my favorite random act, pay for the order of the person behind you in the coffee drive thru. By the time you get to the window the person behind you has already placed their order, you ask the cashier how much it is and then decide if it’s reasonable. If it is, pay it, and know that you just gave someone a happy memory. Yea you!  🙂

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16 Responses to Inspiration Point

  1. Gareth says:

    Hey T,
    When I read “Twenty-five, anniversary, silver, and take place at a cemetery” I thought, A New Orleans Voodoo Ceremony to raise a Priestess on the Anniversary of her death. The silver was part of the rites as was some 25 year old liquer.

    It’s always weird but I suppose word association in combos can envoke numerous images to different people and thats part of the magic of storytelling.

    Another great post and I may well have to think about writing that short story now.

  2. That has happened to me!!! Someone paid for my coffee and you’re right, it did make my day and I’ve never forgotten it! I don’t do coffee drive-thrus very often but maybe I will so that I can “pay that one forward”
    As for positive thinking – I’m not totally convinced that it alone makes dreams come true but it definitely keeps me from giving up.

  3. diannewaye says:

    Great post Tammy! Lots to think about – dipping in the dreams. Well said.

  4. Anne Michaud says:

    Oh Tams – EVERYTHING inspires me! A word, a sentence, a picture, an image stuck in my mind, music, lyrics, friends & foes…my challenge was, is and always will be to use all of it:)

  5. Of all the blog post of yours I’ve read, I found this one the most inspiring of all. Thank you!

  6. You never fail to inspire, create, and delve deep into the murky depths of peoples imaginations and inspire us to think about what you’ve said in your posts. That was a lot to take in. It Saturday night. You’re at the cottage with the family, and I need to vent and you’re not around…oh well. It will keep. Anyway, I love the pirate idea. And I think I’ll do the pay it forward in the coffee drive through. Its so thoughtful and I wish I’d thought of it. Such a nice way to make someone’s day brighter. Another fantastic blog. You’re like the ulitmate blogger Tam! 🙂

  7. dannigrrl says:

    Prompts come from anywhere. Sometimes a memory, sometimes a photo, sometimes a single word. I love that we find inspiration in so many things around us and how each writer has such a different take on it.

  8. Sally A Wolf says:

    I am wondering if there is some sort of chemical released when we write. If I don’t write something anything for more then a day I go crazy I get angry, frustrated and irritable. Then I write something and I feel instantly better.

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