Versatile Blogger Award & Haiku to You Too! & And a Book Giveaway!

An amazing and talented author pal of mine, J. A. Campbell (Firewolf), has gifted me with a Versatile Blogger award. So I’m told that the responsibility of winning this award is that now I have to tell you seven interesting facts about myself, and the really fun part, I get to nominate some of my fellow bloggers as well! Therefore, I do hereby nominate:

Becky of Calico Books  – an amazing woman who owns and operates her own bookstore and is very involved in her local community 

Gareth of Tattys Treasures (Yound Adult and Children) and Falcata Times (Adult) – an outstanding book reviewer who has rarely ever steered me wrong when I’m looking to add to my TBR pile.

1. I LOVE playing hockey (here in Canada it’s assumed it’s on ice). I play net and anywhere else that they let me.

2. I have a motorcycle license and while I’m bike-less at the moment (sold it to buy a boat), my fav bike of all time was a BMW F650GS.  Heated grips, nuff said. 😉

3. The header of my blog contains the images of my three tattoo’s

4. I’m a tri-athlete. I’m always at the back of the pack but I somehow manage to finish.

5. I’m terrified of drowning, I cry at the start of almost every race I’ve ever done. Why do I race? Cause I’m just THAT stubborn.

6. I live in the city but I’m a farm girl at heart as the one thing I enjoy best in all the world is grooming a horse. I just never get to do it as often as I’d like.

7.  I hate spiders. And I’m not talking just a little.


Haiku to You Too!   (And a book giveaway for participating!)

At its most basic, the English version of a haiku is a verse in three lines. 

 –       Line 1 is 5 syllables
–       Line 2 is 7 syllables
–       Line 3 is 5 syllables. 

For full details click here for the wiki link. 

The general idea, at least too me, seems to be that the poem is more about establishing a mood than anything. I’ve found this is very challenging to do, especially in so few words (I thought 50 word stories were challenging!). But the truth is that once I started writing down a dozen or so random lines, I found I could then condense them down into something that would fit the pattern, yet still seem to convey the image. It’s actually been quite fun and I think it’s a bit like Sudoku, once you start, you’re hooked. 😉 

Here are the examples I’ve come up with of my own. I’ve no idea if they would hold their own as ‘true’ Haiku’s, but I hope you enjoy them all the same. And more importantly I hope you post one of your own here. Especially since I will be drawing a random commenter to win a copy of Julie Particka’s new YA novel entitled Pretty Souls!

Happy Haiku-ing everyone!  🙂 

A kiss at first blush
Paints a beautiful sunset
On an empty page
The scales of justice
Whisper ashes to the wind
And lies to the ear
Wet tinkle sprinkle
Soaking the sand below me
Room for one more beer
Butt wedged into chair
Keyboard stuck to fingertips
Gravely shaking head
And for those who may need it, click here for a syllable counter. lol! 😉
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18 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award & Haiku to You Too! & And a Book Giveaway!

  1. Todd D says:

    As I’ve told you before…..

    You can always try,
    but you should know by now that,
    nagging never works

    Congrats on the award though, keep up the great work!!

  2. Pamala says:

    Busy beyond crazy busy
    Retirement so far away
    Slow down think slow enjoy

  3. Ooh…the one about justice was very nice! (and the beer one made me laugh)

    I suck at poetry, so you’re not getting a haiku out of me, but I already have the print version of Pretty Souls, so I’m good. 🙂

  4. Anne Michaud says:

    So you have tattoos of an angel, a horse, and… your name?!

    Congrats, Versatile Blogger:)

  5. Gareth says:

    Hi T,
    Thanks for the award and here goes:
    Cheeky Kitty Cat
    Miaows to wake the sleeper
    Wakey, feed me now!


  6. diannewaye says:

    “Room for one more beer” gets me in the mood for a beach party! Loved it.

  7. I wrote a Haiku about dirt once. LOL. (I already own Pretty Souls in ebook and would like someone else to have the chance for it, so don’t enter me)


  8. Pat Hollett says:

    Loved the 7 things about you…good to know. I’d love to get a tattoo sometime…but hell, no clue what I’d get. Drowning and deep water scares me too and yet I’ve spent so much time on Georgian Bay its crazy.
    Here’s my Haiku… or two…and I just got up so if they suck, don’t blame me. 🙂

    Put the fears aside
    Sis from another mom
    And jump in

    And my other one…

    We play plot ping pong
    And talk about everything
    When we chat

    Okay, so they’re not brilliant, but I have fog head early in the morning… just getting warmed up.
    Enjoyed the blog…good one as ALWAYS! You do make them interesting. 🙂

  9. Congrats on the award! Enjoyed learning more about you.

    Jazz was my Australian Shepherd. During the last few days of her life, I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to spend every second I could with her before she left me. In the middle of one night I wrote this:

    A quiet soft breath,
    Jazz surrendering to sleep.
    Still alive to love.

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