Book Review – Show Dog Sings the Blues!


“Talisman, a pampered show dog with attitude, has a play date with her sister Maddie, who is a hardcore cowdog. Through an unfortunate mix-up, the two dogs are switched and Talisman has to cowdog-up for the day.  It’s an Australian Shepherd Freaky Friday!”

The novella I’m reviewing this week is a spin-off of a very famous canine character from the Red Hot series. (you may remember a previous review that I gave for Red Hot Property, an absolute must have chick lit book and perfect for the beach!)After Red Hot Property, I was really looking forward to reading Tali’s very own novella. While I found it quite fun to read a story from an animal’s perspective I was mostly curious as to how author Devin O’Branagan was going to twist this tail (pun intended) to make it into something big enough to be put into print. I wasn’t disappointed. She has a true gift for writing entertainingly touching stories and this one was no exception. Tali is a dog of great love, great heart, and a mild dislike of mud. I think any fur-loving human, young or old, will enjoy em-bark-ing on this journey.  😉 

The pace was fluent and the length was just right, neither too long nor too short, and as an added bonus some of the proceeds will be donated to . I really respect authors who support a cause and promote kindness to all living things.

This link will take you to Devin’s site where you can read a full excerpt from the novella.

This link will take you to Devin’s bookstore where you can purchase any of her current titles.

Rating: Four perfectly manicured pink paws.   


Stayed tuned for next week when I’ll be posting a review of the second book in the Red Hot series, Red Hot Liberty!

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12 Responses to Book Review – Show Dog Sings the Blues!

  1. Anne Michaud says:

    The novella sounds so fun, Tammy! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Gareth says:

    LOL, thanks for this Tammy, Tatty is not happy you nicked the paw system. LOL. Great to see a charity benefit and whilst I’ve never owned an Aussie Working dog I have had Border Collies who have been a ton of fun (apart from when my Mum and Dad’s one decided to round myself and my twin up to keep us together.)

    • T. Crosby says:

      Gah, sorry Tatty!! One time deal I swear, I choose the icon based on the book and well, for Tali, the pink paws are definately HER. lol! Such a funny story and I didn’t know you were a twin. Busy mom…and well dog too I suppose. haha! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great review of my book, Tammy!

    SHOW DOG SINGS THE BLUES was officially released yesterday and it has already hit Amazon’s Bestseller’s List for books about dogs (both the Kindle and print book lists). It’s right there alongside MARLEY & ME. This bodes well, and I’m oh-so-excited! I hope your blog followers will indeed check it out.

  4. Cute idea and great cause but not really my cup of tea where reading material is concerned.

  5. Sally A Wolf says:

    Thought I wanted to read this before now I can’t hardly stand it! Good review as always!

  6. DianeG says:

    I’ll mention the book to a friend who is a mad about all critters and sometimes critter stories.

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