Sin #4 – Caught in the Act!!!




Well I’m back for more. Why you ask? Because irony is not lost on me.

This brings me to Sin #4, the Sin of Incompletion. What is this exactly? Well alot of new writers and I’m sure some old ones too, sometimes get lost inside their story, and not in the good kind of way. It’s when instead of first getting your entire story out there and completely written, you get lost inside the sentences and paragraphs until you become stagnant. You go back over each line re-chewing it again, and again, and again, as you desperately try to create ‘The Perfect Sentence’ until finally, if you’re lucky, someone smacks you upside the head and resets your record player for you.

Ya gotta know when to table something and say to yourself, ‘Well, it ain’t pretty, but I’ll come back to that later’. Rewrites are there for a reason so keep them in their proper place. First and most important you need to get the idea down, let the story pour itself out and be whatever it will be and worry about the finer details later. Writing is the one time you’re encouraged to go ahead and start with dessert first and leave the boring meat and potato stuff for later. Dig in! 😉

Tammy’s Tip of the Week

Want a challenge? Get someone you know that happens to strongly dislike the genre you’re writing in and force them to read it. If they should happen to take pity on you and actually read it….and dare I say, like it? Well then, good job eh? 😉

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10 Responses to Sin #4 – Caught in the Act!!!

  1. I love your sins. 😉 This is one I’ve had trouble with. My favourite part of the writing process is. . . editing! And editing, and editing, and editing, and if the piece I’m editing hasn’t been completed, it never will be. So, I write, I print off, I forget it, I continue. Phew!

    • CDNWMN says:

      Thanks Jess. 🙂 You like the editing part???? Ugh, it’s like torture for me, some days I write flash just to be able to write ‘new’ words. hehe…perhaps I will have to ask you to to beta for me sometime. 😉

  2. Gareth says:

    This is the sin that gets me more than any other. I become trapped into going over each part I’ve done and then forgetting to get on with putting the rest down. Its difficult to let go of that marker as you keep thinking I need to correct that.

    It’s one I hope to break free from at some point soon though, and, with luck, one that hopefully others can help avoid.

  3. Pat Hollett says:

    So true! I love your blog and your words of wisdom!
    Loved this line: “if you’re lucky, someone smacks you upside the head and resets your record player for you” This is priceless and so very true! The humour you infuse in your blog keeps me laughing! 🙂

  4. Yeah, sometimes you just gotta let things go and not obsess over them. Getting the initial MS done is key 🙂

    Thanks Tammy!

  5. I don’t have this problem…usually – I like the writing part more than the editing part so I stick with it until the end.

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