Better late than never

Ever had one of those epiphical type moments?  (hey if J.K. can use disapparate, I’m using epiphical and cherubian.)

Anyhoo, I had one of those moments yesterday. I’m working on this piece and I’m pushing myself and going outside my comfort zone see? I had this really stupid idea that it would be fun. POW! Not fun, hard, very very hard. So as I’m struggling along with this story I’m saying to myself ‘hey you don’t need this, you’ve got enough on the go, just drop it and walk away.’ So I did.

I picked up my ereader and began to read Steven Kings ‘On Writing’ from where I’d left off. Here’s where it gets fun, I was at the exact part where he began telling of how he’d starting writing a story about a bunch of young high school girls. He thought it was all crap because it was too hard for him to write, it didn’t flow out of him as it were, after all, what did he know about teenage girls? He tossed it in the garbage and left for work. He comes home to see that his wife has resurrected it from the trash. She says to him ‘this is good, you’ve got something here’ and pushes him to continue with it. It was his novel Carrie. POW!

Needless to say that I’m no Steven King, so my story is likely going to BE crap, but I’m preserving dammit. I hope you all are too.  Smiley

Tammy’s Tip of The Week

Keep some of your favourite inspirational quotes around you when you write. When you get frustrated take a moment, read them, really read them. Think about why you choose them and what they mean to you. Then take a breath and push on. My laptop now has a post it note with ‘Perservere Dammit!’ on it. What does/would yours say?  🙂

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9 Responses to Better late than never

  1. Wow! Love this post!

    I had one of those moments with my forthcoming novella, SHOW DOG SINGS THE BLUES. I was totally going to trash it and just move on. It was the hardest project I ever tackled. One of my writer friends talked me out of pushing the “delete” button, and it ended up one of my best pieces ever. I hope it’s my CARRIE!

    I’m afraid the quote I have written on a Post-it that covers the eye of my computer’s webcam (strategically placed to prevent Big Brother from spying on me…I just wrote a novel about conspiracy theories) is more pragmatic than profound. It is a formula my writer friend J.A. Campbell gave me for making money as a writer. It says, “Prolific = Lucrative.”

  2. I love this!!! A LOT! And it’s inspirational in that it tells us all no matter what we write, just persevere and keep writing…you never know what might be that next big story! Also, something I read in D. Maass’s book said push the boundaries…not verbatim, but seriously just keep pushing the envelope and you’ll find yourself with something brilliant! Hopefully!! It’s our goal isn’t it?
    Great post Tam!
    My quote would not be anything so profound, but simple and something like ‘Just Do It’ so I’d say mine would say “JUST WRITE!” Simple but still lucrative I hope! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your story with us! I read On Writing a few months ago and loved it.

    Taped above my monitor is a fortune I got years ago: “A bold and dashing adventure is in your future.” It makes me smile and reminds me why I write. If I can’t have an adventure myself, I can certainly make my characters have one.

  4. Gareth says:

    Mine has:
    Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is optional.

    Nil Carborundum Illegetimi

    Great tips though.

  5. you can do it!!!!

    There was a point in time when Stephen King wasn’t “Stephen King” either… you’ll get there 🙂

  6. Great post – I loved On Writing – King’s advice and path to publication was very helpful to motivate me. I know what you’re talking about when it comes to difficcult scenes – when I stumble on one I usually leave it until I’m in a better frame of mind to write it rather than forcing myself.

    I don’t have anything stuck to my laptop – but maybe I should…usually when I need motivation I talk to my friends. They set me straight right away!

  7. Sally A Wolf says:

    Love this post keep up the good work never throw any work away you might find that in a different state of mind it will be exactly what you need.

  8. Sally A Wolf says:

    Good work. I found that it is the best not to throw anything away. You might find that later you are in a different sate of mind and need that work to quench a fire.

  9. diannewaye says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. Certainly puts things in perspective.

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