A Poem and Fun Fact Friday!

This week I completed my Victim Service Volunteer Training. It was 40hrs in total and has kept me from writing until now. What is it? We are the ones called to assist trauma victims with coping and provide support lines to them. We support the police so that they can return to their investigation while we help the victims cope with the overwhelming details and events until their family support arrives. Then we provide them with any information, we can to get them through a tough time. During last night’s final training session we talked about the Five Stages of Denial (Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance), and this poem popped in my head as the speaker taught. It’s a bit dark and dreary, but suited the mood at the time.


I hear the car hit yours. I turn. I don’t believe.

I run. I stand. You don’t move. You can’t. You’re dead.

I rage. I scream.

I fall. I plead. Please. Me not you.

Not heard.

I bury you.

I cry. I wallow. I die inside my skin.

I move.

Un-whole, yet moving.

I’m needed by others, not you.

I miss you. I love you.

I move.

Forward. Not on.

Now to lighten things up, I hope! 🙂


 – The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” uses every letter of the alphabet.                                                                                                                                                –  The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is “uncopyrightable”

FOUR TYPES OF WRITING:  Which one do you use most?

Exposition:This type of writing explains thing Exposition writing “explains” or “informs.” Most of the writing we do is expository. When we write exposition, we are exposing the reader to specific information. 

Argumentation: This type of writing tries to persuade the reader to think about something in a new way, or to take a certain action Argumentation writing is also known as persuasive writing. It appeals to reason, emotions, or ethics (sense of right and wrong). 

Narrative: This type of writing tells a story Narrative is storytelling, whether that story is fact or fiction. 

Description: This type of writing uses the five senses to give specific details to the reader Description can be used alone, but many times, it is found in the other three types of writing. Description uses details attained from the five senses to give the reader a “word picture” of a setting, an object, a person, or whatever it is that is being described.

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6 Responses to A Poem and Fun Fact Friday!

  1. Gareth says:

    Another weird one the longest word (on a qwerty keyboard) that can be typed with the left hand (touch type) is tesseradecades whereas with the right its monimolimnion.

  2. Can I pick all of the types of writing? I mean, it really depends on what I’m working on at the moment.

    The poem is good – stirs up a lot of emotion especially when you’ve lost someone that way. Well done!

  3. OH morbid indeed. But good 🙂


  4. I love the closing line of the poem. Also, did you know April is Poetry Month?

    As for writing, like Angela said, we blend a lot depending on what we’re writing, but I love to be descriptive. It’s my favorite type of writing.

  5. Michelle Muto says:

    Forward. Not on. That’s deep and so true.

    The rest is very informative as always.

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