Flash Attack

Okay peeps it’s been a crazy busy week so for my lack of time I’m posting this short flash. It won the monthly challenge over on Devin’s forum and the theme for February was Pet Love Tails. I was in a very deep mood when I wrote this. I was thinking about minorities, of all kinds, and how they are often treated/mistreated. I thought that if I could show this same thing through the eyes of our pets that perhaps younger kids would better learn the message. I hope you enjoy it.

A Tail of Purr-spective

“Your tail is short. It’s not like ours.”

“Yes I know.”

“And your coat is thick and fluffy. Ours is sleek and perfect.”

“I know.”

“Is that hair on your belly?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Well you are not one of us, not at all. Are you some kind of foreigner?”

“Yes, actually, I am.”

“Well that settles it then, you will never be one of us.”

“I’m sorry, but why would I want to be one of you when I am already one of me?”

“Well to fit in of course. You will be laughed at, teased, you will never gain acceptance here with us.”

“I will find acceptance here. Perhaps not with you, but I will find a place to belong here.”

Just then, one of the young greyhound pups skittered over to halt in front of the strange fluffy tailless foreigner.

“Hey I have fur and so do you!” said the pup.

“Yes, I do.”

“And you have a tail too!”

“Yes, I do.”

“Would you like to be my friend?”

“I really would! But you do know that we’re different from each other don’t you?”

“Well that’s cool, I’m weird too. I have a missing toe, see?” said the pup as he stuck his paw out for me to see. He licked my face wetly, covering it in drool. “Wanna come play with me?”

“Oh yes! I love to play.”

“Awesome! You can come live in my crate with me and we can play together all day long forever and ever.” he toddled off toward the back door and I followed after my new mate.

The old mother hound sat there staring after her pup in shocked horror.

“There, you see,” I purred loudly as I passed her by, “Told you so.”

Tammy’s Tip of the Week

Get outta your funk. When I feel down or uninspired, I write flash. My manuscript is 150 pages of dramatic fiction; I’d never before considered writing about vampires, angels, or even unicorns. However, I had the very good fortune to come across Kelley Armstrong’s novels and her writing forum. It has opened my eyes to a completely new side of myself that I’d never have met otherwise.

If you really want to get better, as both a writer and a person, then go find something far outside your personal comfort zone and give it a shot. Write it. You might just surprise yourself. 😉

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14 Responses to Flash Attack

  1. Casi says:

    That’s why I’m doing Script Frenzy, because it’s outside my comfort zone.

    I loved the flash piece. It was really cute, and totally fits one of my pictures. Namely this one: https://picasaweb.google.com/CascataNerina/OldPictures#5531780488138745154

    Great story.

  2. Gareth says:

    LOL, nice one Tammy, also true to real life how kids are more accepting than adults of the different.

    My Mum and Dad have a new Pup called Alfie (he’s a Border Terrier) who when he was little the cats let him get away with things. Now he’s their size, its time to put him in his place and its hillarious watching him go to chase them, skid to a halt run off into a corner and then watch the two kitties walk up and sit down to watch him.

  3. Livy Parker says:

    So cute, Tammy 🙂

  4. Heidi says:

    That’s a cute little story, sad though, to think that our society really is like that.

    As for writing outside our comfort zone. I picked up a non-fiction book called The Translator by Daoud Hari and it has inspired me to write a piece based in the future and around an end of the world genocide. I’m still working the story out in my head and haven’t written anything other than a very rough outline but I’m really excited about it, both for the challenge and because it’s something completely different than I normally write.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • CDNWMN says:

      Good for you Heidi, and I think you are very brave. I don’t know that I’m ready for that realism yet. I can’t wait to ready what comes out of it, happy writing! 🙂

  5. Loved the poem. Had read it already on Vampire Kissed website. Also love the little tips of the week. Such a good idea. 🙂

  6. Really nice story. Makes me smile!

  7. nlriviezzo says:

    Your tip is a good one. I embarked on dystopian for my past NaNoWriMo project. Mind you, I really do not like Dystopian/Post-Apoc books – with the exception of The Hunger Games – so it was a shock to come up with a story where the Dystopian element was critical to the piece. In the end, I’m extremely happy with the piece although it is not complete yet. The other aspect was writing it in verse. Yes, I write poetry almost exclusively but it is written organically without much thought or editing behind it. Writing poetry to have a plot, thought, outline and the concept of editing critical to it was a whole new ball game – along with the whole 100,000 words focus.

  8. dannigrrl says:

    Cute story, Tammy. I love to write flash as a break from bigger projects too.

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